VFX Artist

We’re looking for VFX Artist who will grow with the challenges of chart-topping games.

If you are a talented VFX Artist who loves games and shares our passion for enjoying and creating games, come and join us!




  • – Build all kinds of VFX, particle systems, meshes, sprites, shaders for game items, characters, UI elements, etc.

  • – Collaborate closely with Game Artists and Game Developers to deliver the best gaming experience

  • – Design and evolve artwork from concept to production

  • – Research and analyze the market for the new trends in art and game feelings

  • – Work on new technologies to create stunning game art

  • – Involve and contribute to all aspects of game development including Game Design, Logic, Feelings, Graphics and UI

  • – Contribute new ideas for game design, features, and projects




  • – Strong knowledge of particles to be able to create high quality VFX

  • – Good sense of gameplay experience and special attention to detail

  • – A perfect team-player with excellent communication skills

  • – Love for games and game development

  • – A dazzling portfolio of VFX creations

  • – Previous experience in game art is a big plus